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Cloud Phone Service Features

All the account has the following features :

  • Account Managment
  • Account Setup
  • IVR Management
  • Address Book
  • Analog Phones
  • Bulk Numbers
  • Call Blocking
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Handling Rules
  • Call Logs
  • Call Notification
  • Call Screening
  • Call Transfer
  • Call Waiting
  • Caller ID
  • Click to Call
  • Communicator
  • Custom Local Number
  • Custom Toll Free Number
  • Dial-by -Name-Directory
  • Do Not Disturb
  • E911 Dialing
  • Fax from Phone
  • Follow Me
  • Greetings
  • Linx Networks Ltd Offers it Managed Cloud Telephony Service (Toll Free Numbers,Vanity Number,SIP Trunking, Mobile Dialer,Residencial VOIP etc) Management and Deployment services and Conventional Phone System installation Nationwide. Irrespective of your Location in Nigeria, you can get access to our telephony services

    Note: Linx Networks Ltd is not a Business VOIP Phone Services Provinding company, we only help businesses and companies get access to a Telephony system. We Partner with Phone Services Providers to deploy and Maintain Cloud Phone Systems to End users, Businesses and Companies)

    This is a communication system that allows Businesses/Companies to Purchase and Deploy a

    Note: Linx Networks Ltd is not a phone service company, but we partner with phone service companies to Help Business/ Company deploy and Manage Cloud Phones Systems in Nigeria.

    This is a communication system that allows Businesses/Companies to Purchase and Deploy a Custom Phone/vanity that are hosted in the cloud and Managed by Linx Networks Ltd

    Note: Linx Networks Ltd is not a phone service company, but we partner with phone service companies to Help Business/ Company deploy and Manage Cloud Phones Systems in Nigeria.

    Request a Consultation

    Click the Link below to request for a consultation from Linx Networks Ltd Telephony Engineer. Fill the form then we will take it up from there

    Contact Address

    Linx-Networks Ltd


    Email: telephony@linxnet.com.ng

    Benefits Of a Linx Networks Managed Phone Services

    Phone management is not just about hardware and software. Business executives are looking for "partners" (not just a bunch of vendors) to take over management of their IT infrastructure

    With Linx Networks Ltd, you benefit the following:


    A Phone Deployment, Support and Maintenance Provider that can move fast when they need to go quickly and change direction if needed


    A Phone Services Provider that can provide end-to-end services to meet their specific requirements, so they do not have to manage dozens of vendors.

    IT and Telecom Skills:

    A professional, well-trained competent IT and Telecom staff that can be trusted using proven processes and advanced IT toolsets.

    Leadership and Advisory Services:

    From the same Phone syment provider that Maintains and Manage your communication system, leadership that can participate in Board level meetings to connect business goals and objectives with IT strategy and tactics.


    A record of past performance, competency, and satisfied clients

    Customer Service:

    A principal component of their business model

    Linx Networks Ltd provides "proactive" Managed Communication Services, Monitoring by designing, implementing, operating, managing all types of devices, and users. For a fixed monthly fee, we provide Managed Services like mobile device management, storage and cloud solutions, VoIP services, on-site support, 24/7 Help Desk Services, Complete System Security, Dedicated support and more from our IT Support and Maintenance Team

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    Cloud Phone System

    Technology Developemtn are racing a head so quickly that you may not have heard one of the latest buzz word /tech terms -the cloud or You might have but you are not really sure what it refers to.

    Let us give you some clarity atleast one term out there now, Cloud base Phone system refers to a phone services that is delivered to you through the internet.

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