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The Grandstream products is an award-winning IP voice, video, data and mobility products and solutions Grandstream Networks has been manufacturing quality IP voice and video telephony, video conferencing and video surveillance products since 2002. Grandstream brand standswith quality, reliability and innovation. The Grandstream products allow business to be more productive than ever before. Linx Networks Ltd resellls and retails Grandstream products and solutions business conferencing, IP voice telephony, networking, physical security, Gateway and ATAs, IP PBX. in Lagos, Abuja, Nationwide in Nigeria.

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Available Grandstream Products

UCM Series IP PBXs
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UCM6300 Series
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Grandsream Call Center USB Headset - GUV3000
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Grandstream 1-Line IP Phone - GXP1615
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Grandstream DP710 VoIP DECT Mobile Phone
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GRP series of Carrier-Grade IP Phones the GRP2603
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Grandstream DP750 Long-range DECT Base Station + DP720 4-UNITS DECT HD Handset
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GRP Series Essential IP Phones-(GRP2604)
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